GUT HEALTH helps stabilize and ideally reach a homeostatic balance within the all to important gastrointestinal system of our equine friends. GUT HEALTH delivers time released crystalized sodium bicarbonate to the stomach and most importantly the Hind Gut, effectively raising both to a more basic, less acid pH level. Horses respond very positively with improved attitude, increased performance, weight retention on less grain and more much more. Your horses will love you for it! 



Equine Stomach and Hind Gut Stabilizer


GUT HEALTH is a Dietary Supplement


--St​rategically raises stomach and hindgut pH for relief of discomfort due to acidic irritation.

--Increases hindgut pH in time released phases for up to 4 hours reducing cause of irritation.

--Allows natural function of stomach and hindgut to return for optimal digestive tract health.

--GUT HEALTH is an aloe vera based liquid or gel that is fed daily.  It delivers Time Released,
pH stabilizing crystals that provide very noticeable positive results in performance and attitude.


--Helps to reduce the symptoms directly caused by stomach and Hind Gut acidic Irritation