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This should answer most all your questions giving you recommendations for best results:



Ingredients list:


Main active Ingredient is a balanced blend Calcium/Magnesium encapsulated Sodium Bibarbonate crystal. The encapsulant protects the sodium bicarbonate to allow for time release not only in the stomach but for up to 4 hours well into the Intestinal tract. This effectively elevates the pH, reducing the acidity of the hind gut therefore reducing the acid irritation. This relieves discomfort related to the irritation reducing symptoms and over a period of appox 4 months, restabilizes the hind gut to normal function without the irritation of undue ingredient support. Other hind gut products include numerous support ingredients which make it very difficult to take the horse off the product. The carrier of the Crystal is 99.8% pure inner leaf filet aloe vera liquid or gel. As aloe vera has value added benefits, the basic reason for inclusion in the products is as a carrier to effectively deliver the Crystal.



Further explanation of product:


As mentioned above, the goal is to return the horse to normal gastrointestinal function and gradually wean the product back to a simple maintenance dose if any at all. In theory, taking horse totally off the product would be ideal. However, the horse/s had acquired the symptoms for some reason in the past and, to no fault of the product or horse, if the reason for the condition was not identified or cannot be identified, a small or as needed dose has worked as a great, simple and inexpensive gut stabilizer.




The ideal process would include the purchase of a Booster Pack. It contains 12 tubes of EZ Xtra Gel. 7 of these tubes would be used to commence the program giving 1 tube in AM approx 20 minutes prior to graining. Therefore those tubes would be gone in 7 days with 5 tubes left for pre-stress dosing like trailering, show days etc. Also included in the Booster pack is one gallon of GUT HEALTH Xtra Strength Liquid. This will be started the same day you start the gel tubes at a dosage of 60ml(1/4 cup) on grain AM and PM and continue until the gallon is gone. The final gallon included in the Booster Pack is GUT HEALTH Original. This is the step down in strength as a continuation of the program back to normalizing the entire gastrointestinal system. This gallon of Original is given at a dosage the same as the Xtra, 60 ml(1/4 cup) AM and PM on grain. Continue until gallon is gone. Your automatic shipment will arrive prior to completing this gallon to insure continued progress. The next gallon can be given as needed but best to continue once a day for a couple weeks and then as needed. Understanding that each horse and their circumstances vary, the dose in continuation will vary as well. The GUT HEALTH Booster Pack will last more than 2 months and then the following GUT HEALTH Original gallons will last 5-6 weeks each making the program very affordable at less than $1/day.



​Symptom relief:


As the time needed to return and stabilize the system takes up to 4 months, depending on the severity of each horse's symptoms, Normal relief begins with the first dose. Usually within a few days improvement in attitude begins to be very noticeable. However, just because the symptoms have improved, the process take reasonable time to restablilize.  Therefore, continue the process as stated above for minimum of 4 months for best results.